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Path To Deity is a single player, first person exploration puzzle game made for PC (controller supported) and was created for my XB3992 Honours (solo) project. 

Set in a world filled with vibrant colour, explore the landscape for the 6 unique puzzle areas, each featuring a unique special ability for the player to use, before taking on the ultimate test and becoming the light of the world.

Controls (PC/ Controller)

Move: WASD/ Left Stick

Camera Move: Mouse/ Right stick

Pause: P/ Start

Sprint: Shift (Hold)/ Left Trigger

Inspect Items: I/ Y

Jump (Triple): Space/ A

 Carry: RMB/ Right Bumper

Grapple: G/ Left Bumper

Slow Down Time: 1/ Down D-Pad

Speed Up Time: 2/ Up D-Pad

Reverse Time: 3/ Left D-Pad

Freeze Time: 4/ Right D-Pad

Install instructions

Click the download button on the screen.

Download the Path To Deity folder.

Unzip the folder.

Once unzipped, double click the .exe file. This should open the game.

I hope you enjoy my game.


Path To Deity.zip 765 MB

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